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Drugs not available in tour country against the disease of GERSTMANN STRAUSSLER SCHEINKER

Unfortunately, it can often happen that some drugs that are very useful, go out of business. However, this could be a non-problem since if you have a prescription you can contact the international Pharmacy FARMAMONDO which is based in Chiasso (Switzerland) and the drug that you do not find may be present in some other European or American country.

Therefore, if you cannot find a drug, we advise you to contact FARMAMONDO through the link below:


If the drug you are looking for is available, the only thing you will have to do is forward your medical prescription to them, indicating the number of boxes you need. They will answer you by providing you with the pharmacy IBAN. Once the prescription has been submitted and after making the money transfer in their favor, the drug will be delivered directly to your home. So, if you don't find any medicines, don't be discouraged!

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