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Here are some rules for the safety and coexistence of relatives, children, caregivers in this historical phase characterized by a global pandemic that is capable of endangering the health of the patient. These rules are already known to most, but it is good to underline if you have a sick person with such an aggressive pathology at home.

1) To begin with, whoever enters the sick person's home will have to take off their shoes, give them to the owner of the house and get a pair of slippers. The shoes will be placed on the balcony to take air.

2) The guest, the child or anyone arriving from outside must wash their hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds with alcohol-based gel or disinfectant, AMUCHINA is an example. It is a good idea for the homeowner to place at least one dispenser at the entrance to the house and one in the patient's room.

3) If the caregiver, or anyone arriving from the outside, has to physically interact with the patient in some way, it is advisable to wear an FFP2 type mask without valve and a pair of latex gloves.

4) If there is no physical interaction with the patient, it is sufficient to keep at least 1 meter away.

5) Every day it is necessary to ventilate the patient's room well for at least 15 or 20 minutes in his absence. The same also applies to the other rooms in the house.

6) Following numerous studies, it has been discovered that vitamin D is able to partially immunize the body from COVID19, both for GSS patients and for healthy subjects, offering greater resistance 6 to contagion in a percentage that is variable from person to person. We can say that the daily intake is correlated body weight: for people with a body weight up to 70 kg, 2000 I.U. per day of vitamin D; above 70 kg a dosage of 4000 I.U. is required per day. This for a period of approximately 60 days. Thereafter it would be advisable to stop treatment for 15/20 days. Being a vitamin that accumulates in the body (like vitamin E) therefore a period of stop may be necessary, and then start again. In the link below you will find a very comprehensive Californian study on the correlation between vitamin D and COVID19.

Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID- 19 Infections and Deaths

Vitamin D is readily available both in pharmacies and on Amazon at a fairly low price.

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If a sick person, a sick child or a caregivers has a slight fever, around 37.5 ° -37.9 ° C, feels weak but breathes well, an oxygen saturation index of 97% or above, it is advisable to swab immediately to check if the person in question is positive for 22 Redatto da Ing. Cosseddu Giuseppe COVID19 or not. It generally takes about 3 to 5 days to know the swab result. In this case, as a precaution, the person must stay in his room, away from the patient and possibly for at least 14 days, eat in his room and take the following pharmaceutical specialties which have proved very effective against SARS-Cov2: for 14 days take 1 gram of retard type vitamin C: these chasubles have a spectrum of action that lasts from 8 to 12 hours, strengthening the immune system. As we have already said, it is useful to take vitamin D every day: let's say that if the positive person has a body weight below 70 kg, 4000 I.U. of vitamin D, 2000 U.I at lunch and 2000 U.I at dinner. If the person is over 70 kg. then it is necessary to take 4000 I.U of vitamin D at lunch and 4000 I.U of vitamin D at dinner. Furthermore, there are in-depth studies which show that a macrolide-type antibiotic is particularly effective in not detonating COVID19: we are talking about Azithromycin, known in pharmacies as ZITROMAX 500 MG. One tablet a day is sufficient for 6 days as each single tablet is in circulation and acts for 68 hours. In the blue link you can download the PDF file with the experiment carried out with treated and untreated positive patients. Macrolides and viral infections focus on azithromycin in COVID-19 pathology The results demonstrated the effectiveness of Azithromycin.

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