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As soon as the Parkinson Center opened its doors, the Foundation decided to create the foundations there for international research, as it was the only Italian center entirely dedicated to Parkinson's disease and parkinsonism’s.

He immediately transferred the Clinical Database he already supported there. Clinical, instrumental, laboratory and therapy data (about 250 parameters in all) relating to parkinsonian patients followed over time by neurologists specialized in the management of movement disorders are regularly entered in this database.

In 2002 he actively contributed to the opening of the DNA Bank, also at the Parkinson Center, which he continues to support together with Telethon.
Finally, in 2007 the Foundation promoted the opening of the BTN Nervous Tissue Bank, together with the Clinical Institutes for Improvement (now ASST G. Pini-CTO) and the Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital. These three Banks have a much greater value for research when they are used together as a triad, than when they are used individually: genetics experts need to have not only DNA, but also a patient's clinical data because only then can they to study how much a gene "expresses" itself, that is, it manifests itself clinically with signs and symptoms; Furthermore, BTN data are also important as only the autopsy data confirm the diagnosis of a patient at 100%. The same is true for pathologists, who need to know how certain alterations of the nervous tissue that they see under the microscope manifested themselves in life and to evaluate a possible correlation between alterations of the tissue and genetic mutations or exposure to certain toxic environmental substances in life.

The usefulness of the triad also applies to clinicians, because they too are interested in seeing whether certain aspects of a patient's history (e.g. exposure to a certain environmental factor) are related not only to certain manifestations of the disease, but also to certain alterations of the tissues and to evaluate the contribution of certain genetic characteristics.

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